The Initial Visit

If you are in the idea stage of your new kitchen and/or bath you are more than welcome to visit our design center. Browse through our product displays to get ideas of what's available for your project. Most of the displays have our prices prominently posted so you can do some comparison shopping while you are here. If you want to look at more products, we have complete line catalogs from most of the manufacturers we represent.

Our design centers are staffed with industry trained, professional designers. We are able to assist anyone who has basic product and/or price questions during their initial visit. If you know you will require more time with one of our designers than the typical initial visit allows, please call for an appointment before you visit our design center. We want to accommodate your time schedule.

Designer Appointment

Many of our customers come to our design centers and simply purchase product "off the shelf" as they would at a self service big box store. They need no professional design assistance. Others require more design help to create the individualized custom look they desire. We can accommondate any and all of your needs. If you would like an appointment with one of our designers please call in advance. It is extremely helpful to bring two things to your initial appointment if possible. The first is your room measurements if you are remodeling or your blueprints if you are building a new home. The second is a ballpark budget for your project. Both are necessary for us to give you the best possible products and design within your predetermined budget.

The first two full hours of a designer's time is no charge to you. If you bring in your measurements, we are many times capable of helping select products and creating an initial computer rendering within two hours. If additional time is required it will be provided at a $50.00 per hour fee, which will be deductible up to 10% of the final cost of your kitchen and bath purchase. Please do not hesitate to discuss with our designers your ideas, budget and expectations at your first meeting. It is our greatest desire to satisfy all of your dreams for your new kitchen and/or bath

The Project

In many ways our job really begins when you place your order. In all remodeling and most new construction projects we will visit the jobsite to verify measurements. Since many of our projects require special order material we take extra care to communicate with the manufacturer your unique dimensions and product requirements. As the component parts of your job are received into our warehouse we store them until they are needed at the jobsite. If questions regarding installation arise, our designers will visit your project to help in any way possible.


We do not provide installation services. Many of our competitors who advertise installed product are contracting with the same independent contractors who would work directly for you. Often this packaging of product and installation results in significant markups on the contractor's labor charge. There are many quality, independent installers available. We would be more than happy to give you several recommendations. No matter whom you choose to install your cabinets we will always be available with advice and support to see your project to a successful conclusion.